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About Us

We here at MAD Rebel Health Kitchen believe in longevity. May you live a long and wondrous life, enjoying all the things you love. Good food, great people, Rock and Roll, Movies, Pop Culture, whatever you're into. Whether you like video games and collecting toys or sports and outdoor activities. All of it begins, and ends, with how you eat. What fuel you put into your body. From the beach to the mountains and everywhere in-between, fuel is how you get there. That's where we come in.

We want to feed your active lifestyle. To enjoy all of our families for years to come. To work hard, play harder and feel great doing it. To eat for the rest of our lives. 

Mad Rebel Chef

About Me

I was born in central Michigan on a dark and stormy November night and I have been eating food almost ever since. Growing up I spent many summers on my grandparents dairy farm where I developed my ongoing appreciation for fresh vegetables while tending my own garden on the property. I could often be found out there, snacking on anything that was ripe enough to eat.

In high school I began my career as a prep cook at a local restaurant and have been in the industry, working my way up to earn the title of Chef at numerous places, since then. My career journey has taken me all over, from NYC, New Hampshire, Boston, through the south in Florida, New Orleans and south Texas, up to Seattle and finally down to LA and Vegas. I have spent years working with celebrity Chefs for celebrity clientele, doing too numerous to count catering events, including two seasons at The Hollywood Bowl and running an outlet at The Wynn. 

Working in large, big budget kitchens of all cuisines, I have preferred to personally eat healthier fare, letting the ingredients shine as opposed to blending them in or covering them with sauces. Simple technique and ingredients that create harmony in flavor profile as well as how it fuels your body. Harmony to promote well being. Believe me, working long and difficult hours makes energizing food a necessity. 

Mad Rebel Health Kitchen
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